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Brief history of prostitution: from the sacred hooker to the vicious sinner

Unlike what’s imagined, prostitution was born way before patriarchal societies - and even before male chauvinism

“People say they care about fetuses. When we have a miscarriage, we see they don’t”

I've lost two children: Tomás, with almost 7 months of pregnancy, and Amora, with 3 months of being pregnant. Nobody in my family thinks of them as kids. Our friends don’t think of them as kids.

Why do men pay for sex?

191 prostitute clients were interviewed to find out - despite prohibitions and moral barriers - how the request for sexual services is always in a high demand.

How can one love a non-standard body? Three women accepted our challenge!

Fatness, motherhood, paralysis. They talk about their insecurities and show them to our cameras. The results? Pure poetry!

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